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Low poly trees, a shield, a sword and an anvil are visible

TutoUnity Game Jam 2020: Völuspá

Over the course of first week-end of May, we participated in a game jam organised by a French YouTube channel, TutoUnity, to celebrate them reaching 50.000 followers.The theme was “Start with nothing”. We decided to use the Unreal Engine, and started brainstorming together, deciding to go for a game where you start in an empty…
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Wind Catcher, Global Game Jam 2020

I joined the global game jam again this year, at Epitech in Bordeaux. The theme this year was Repair. So I joined a team, we were 4, François Giraud, Elian Crémel, Pablo Legoff and me, and we decided to create a game where a Robot would repair and use a Balloon. The game has two…
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Sci-Fi Map Generator

The project goal is to create a corridor base map generator. It will be capable of creating a complex procedural map with still the possibility to edit manually. The idea came from playing Warframe and creating a 2D platformer map generator. I tried to figure out a way to generate a full procedural map out…
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Myths & Legends : Dungeon

Hello, As a side project we are working on a small dungeon crawler, set in a fantasy universe. it will be in pixel art, with Unity and will be available on Windows and Android. Most of the gameplay is ready, now we have to produce the graphical aspect and the descriptions. The Main character is…
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A bear waving a paw with a caption saying hello

Hello World

Hello friends and welcome to our humble abode ! This website will be to display our work together on our games, for now A bear’s life, which we will tell you more about later 🙂 (soon). The website might go through a few appearance updates at the beginning.